Cleaning services in Kyiv or emergency cleaning care

Our home is our castle, as the good old wisdom says. When we are at home, we feel protected. We are surrounded by familiar objects, colors, and atmosphere. Wherever you live, in a house or an apartment, the surrounding space affects your mood, and vice versa – it is a reflection of our emotional changes. This was especially felt when the pandemic began and our lives were limited to the space of the apartment. In addition to the fact that a significant number of Kyiv residents work remotely, people who are not accustomed to being inside 4 walls all the time have found themselves trapped in their home.

Cleanliness always has been, is, and will be one of the most important factors in a home’s comfort, positive atmosphere, and health. Nothing complicated about it! It would seem that tidying up your apartment is easier than simple. But most often, the active rhythm of Kyiv, tight work schedules, deadlines, personal affairs, recreation, leisure, travel… Aaaaahhhh… How to keep up? We value our time. And we want to spend it on what we love. But what about cleaning? Maybe you have a pet? (Find our Kyiv pet guide in the last article.) So, you are also familiar with the problem of fur everywhere. Or have you just completed repairs? Then the situation is difficult. Where to start? Mop the floor, sweep up the dust, clean the plumbing, wash the windows, and… ugh, sounds not too inspiring.

If you are not a fan of general cleaning, and there are enough fans, then try to contact a cleaning service. While your home is miraculously transformed, you can take your time and deal with your affairs. Kyiv offers a wide range of options in this area. You may be confused by the variety, especially if you have recently relocated to the capital from another country. To save you time and effort, we will share some useful tips and proven services.

Many professional cleaning companies compete with each other. Big and small, famous and not very. There is another version: cleaners who work for themselves. You can usually find out about them from acquaintances, colleagues, or neighbors. If you have recently moved from another country, then it is better to ask Kyivans around you. For this service format, the guarantee is only in words. Most often, you need to buy all the equipment and supplies for cleaning and have them available. You can also negotiate the price and scope of work. 

Cleaning services are usually more expensive, but the price and criteria are fixed. Today we will talk more about them. The word “cleaning” includes specialized cleaning, based on new technologies, and maintaining cleanliness. Both companies and Kyiv residents use such services for their offices and their homes, respectively. If you work from home, your apartment becomes an office at the same time. So, it’s time to think about ordering cleaning. And be calm for the purity of your space.

After a detailed analysis, we found that cleaning companies have many advantages.

  • Website or app where you can get acquainted in detail with the values ​​of the company, team, types of services, and cost.
  • If you have any difficulties, you can always consult with a manager online or by phone.
  • Companies provide bulky and time-consuming services for a reasonable fee.
  • Clear criteria and high quality of work performed.
  • Qualified staff is selected to perform the work, so that the client has positive emotions and impressions.
  • You can be sure of the safety and security of your valuables.
  • Cleaning staff arrive only at the time that is agree in advance and specified in the contract with the customer.
  • Companies use only certified substances and equipment.
  • You have the opportunity to read reviews from real customers on the website or social networks.
  • In case you are not satisfied with the quality, you have a place to turn and express your complaints or wishes. Most often, decent companies correct their mistakes or provide compensation.
  • Cleaning services take care of their reputation and maintain it.
  • Cleaning companies are responsible for the professional performance of their employees.

We will introduce you to Kyiv’s proven cleaning services, so you can choose one to your liking and needs.

Moreover, you can use the criteria above to make the choice even easier and more enjoyable.



They will put things in order without leaving a trace of dirt.

Work around the clock.

Use high-quality German eco-chemicals.

Subscription to any number of cleanings with three additional services as a gift.

Prices start from 450 UAH.


Chysta hata

They will clean for you and save time and money.

Available in Kyiv since 2014, and now also other cities.

Simplify life for you: they clean houses and furniture and even prepare delicious borscht.

All prices and additional services are set solely based on the capabilities and requests of users.

Regular cleaning of apartments starts from 450 UAH.



Professional cleaning with love and care.

Ecological cleaning (using a steam generator, ultraviolet vacuum cleaner, and safe detergents).

They work with people in the media because they are confident of their quality.

Every customer is important: they provide unsurpassed service regardless of the cost of cleaning.

They publish useful articles on their blog about cleaning for customers.

The cost of cleaning starts from 700 UAH.


12 years on the Kyiv cleaning market.

They work to high-quality standards and on time.

Conduct advanced training courses for cleaners every 2 months.

Use safe environmental products.

Build long-term relationships with customers.

Prices start from 900 UAH.



They have been working in Kyiv since 2002.

Provide perfect cleanliness in the house, office, or apartment.

Guaranteed quality results in the shortest possible time.

The company is constantly improving to create a harmony of cleanliness and comfort for customers.

Also engaged in selecting domestic staff and dry cleaning.

Cleaning of the apartment starts from 1,950 UAH.


At the very least, we are confident that the issue of your cleaning will now be resolved professionally and efficiently. It is easy to breathe freely when your house is tidy, clean, and beautiful. This advantage is extremely relevant in the time of coronavirus. 

In addition, you should take care of your clothes and shoes. You will also be able to entrust this difficult task to competent services, namely dry cleaners. As long as you are in business, traveling, spending time with family, your wardrobe will look perfect.


We bring to your attention the 3 top dry cleaners in Kyiv, with a good reputation and excellent service.



All-Ukrainian network KIMS is your handy dry cleaner nearby, where everything can be fixed: from a heel that flew off to the cleaning of your favorite fur coat.

More than 20 years on the Kyiv market.

Innovative solutions and high technologies.

A wide range of services for cleaning and repairing clothes, shoes, and even prams.

Security and guarantees of services.



The company’s mission is to create perfection and give confidence, purity, and joy!

24 years of experience in the professional care of clothing, footwear, accessories, and furniture.

The widest range of services from cleaning and washing to shoe repair and fur storage.

Discount and bonus programs.



They have been working in Kyiv since 2016.

Quality guarantee.

Pick-up and delivery service.

Clients can be sure that their favorite things are in safe hands.

Free baby stroller rental while yours is being cleaned.

The latest equipment from European manufacturers and the best chemicals.

After such a complete examination of the “purity helpers,” you want to smile and exhale. No need to worry any longer, but simply enjoy life, admiring the scenery of Kyiv in your cozy apartment.


And if you are new to the city and want to buy or rent an apartment in the heart of the capital, then you have come to the right place. Our professional team at Vestor.Estate provides a full range of real estate services. When you work with us, you can be assured of repairs, cleanliness, and reliable guarantees. Send your questions or inquiries in the attached form and we will help you find the apartment of your dreams.

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