It is common, especially for foreign owners, to have some difficulties with managing the property already rented out. Our property manager will get you rid of all the time-consuming responsibilities with payments: collect rent, pay utilities and taxes on behalf of the owner. cleanings and solving any issues that arise in the apartment.

The property manager will provide regular reports on a monthly basis for the owners to ensure all the responsibilities are fulfilled, and they are available anytime in case any emergency happens and requires an instant reaction.

Management features

Process payment from the tenant

Pay taxes on behalf of the owner

Repatriate net income to the owner's account abroad

Collect of payment for standard charges and utilities

Manage all calls and requests from a tenant

Resolve any issues that arise (i.e. leaking boiler, malfunctioning appliances, heating issues, etc)

Organize cleanings as needed (either on behalf of the tenant or, say, when an apartment becomes vacant), etc.

Successful cases

Only some of our cases for properties in the historical center of Kyiv, showing why it is profitable to invest in the secondary real estate in Kyiv with actual terms, numbers, and results as well as description of renovation and design solutions chosen.

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