Renovation & Design

In case you are looking for the solutions to make your apartment attractive for the Western tenants, to maximize profits, or to create functional and cozy space for living, you will need the assistance of Vestor.Estate Design Department.

The professional team will explain all the peculiarities of the process, give some advice on what you should pay attention to, and show the direction on how to save some money but get the best results. If it is your first time dealing with the renovation and design, and you are not sure what exactly should be done at your place, you can contact Vestor.Estate to arrange online or in-person detailed consultation.

Get the best solutions for your property based on its location, size, layout, and distinguishing features. Our experts know how to highlight the best sides of your place and deal with little disadvantages. Discuss all the possible options with our expert and choose the services you need - let us manage your projects from the very beginning or order assisting services at a particular stage of renovation.

We set result-based fees after each stage of the project in the properties for rent out - company income directly depends on the customer income achieved. Vestor team takes full responsibility for the decisions made. To guarantee the quality of the process, a client gets not only progress updates (a photo report of the progress every two weeks) but the numbers as well - costs required and profits expected.

Renovation projects / Services types

Choose the most suitable way to cooperate with Vestor.Estate design team according to your needs

Design Project

Interior design / Decoration


Сosmetic renovation

Art direction

Implementing your project


Full renovation with project management


Ensuring proper implementation of the design concept

Construction management

Procurement of all visible elements of your renovation project

Providing alternatives for all decor and design accents

Cost control

Dealing with permissions from the relevant government and housing authorities

Keeping the work moving to finish on time

Dealing with issues from neighbors

Ensuring that problems are not ``swept under the rug``

Adjusting the initial plans if/when unexpected issues arise

Ensuring that the result achieves the highest rental yield possible

Successful cases

Only some of our cases for properties in the historical center of Kyiv, showing why it is profitable to invest in the secondary real estate in Kyiv with actual terms, numbers, and results as well as a description of renovation and design solutions chosen

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