Invest in the Ukrainian real estate market while staying abroad! Now there is no need to come to Ukraine every time you want to buy a new property in Kyiv center – Vestor.Estate knows how to save your time and get you rid of any complications in the deal. In 2020, Vestor.Estate became the first company in Ukraine to implement escrow into the real estate market. Since then, we successfully simplified the agreement process for many sellers and buyers as an escrow agent.


Parties sign an agreement with us as with the escrow agent


The buyer transfers the purchase price and closing costs to the escrow account


The seller transfers the necessary ownership documents to us for check


If all the requirements are met, we transfer documentation to the buyer, and the funds for purchase - to the seller.

Advantages and guarantees

No need for a buyer to come and open local bank account anymore

Both sides are introduced in terms of the fulfillment of the obligations

The process of sending the payment shortens to a matter of hours

Money for the deal is safe during all the process and can’t be used in any other way

Taxes, services fees, and all closing costs are handled by the agent

Get more information on escrow definition, its purpose, and advantages or find out how Vestor. Estate came up with the decision to provide services as escrow agent, in our blog posts:

Successful cases

Only some of our cases for properties in the historical center of Kyiv, showing why it is profitable to invest in the secondary real estate in Kyiv with actual terms, numbers, and results as well as description of renovation and design solutions chosen.

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