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Apartments for sale

Find the best investment properties for renting to expat clients
  • With our help investors have consistently seen yields of 8-12%
Locate your dream apartment in Kyiv
  • With our knowledge of the best locations (as well as locations to avoid), we can help you find the dream place for you and your family
If you are already an owner, contact us for other services
  • We help with design, renovations, and management of the rental properties

How we do it

The apartment choice according to your needs

The broker will do an extensive research on Kyiv real estate market based on your requirements to provide you with a list of luxury apartments for rent. To make sure your needs, purposes, and personal taste are considered, there is a convenient Questionnaire to fill out at the start. Referring to your feedback, our specialists will arrange the necessary apartment viewings.

The offer, negotiations, and documents check

As soon as you choose the best flat, Vestor.Estate brokers will help you form and make the offer. Your assistant will take care of the negotiation part and advise on that matter. To make a thorough check of ownership and other documents, Vestor.Estate specialists consult with the lawyer regularly.

Agreement preparation and signing

In cooperation with the professional legal assistants, our brokers create the contract to ensure your rights are protected, obligations are strictly evaluated, and negotiated conditions are included.

Investors interested in Kyiv’s secondary real estate market (remember that it is not Kiev), and buyers, looking for the property for themselves get the first-class service from our sales brokers. The experienced team knows how to identify your needs, find the best offers on the market, and investing options, so they successfully having closed five deals a month in different budget categories. 

The sales process consists of several stages, and Vestor Estate Rental team will take care of every step. Vestor Estate team is responsible for results and provide you with the services after the deal is closed, offering various design and property management services for the property’s successful rent.


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