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Best Kyiv Real Estate Agency

Vestor.Estate is a Best Kyiv Real Estate Agency specializing in the secondary real estate market in Kyiv historical center. Our clients get the full circle of services, such as assistance with identifying investment properties, letting/selling properties, apartment renovation and design, escrow services, property management, and legal assistance during the process.

Full Cycle


Get the apartment according to your needs, goal, and budget in the Kyiv historical center’s prime location. We guarantee:

A thorough check of every property

Legal assistance during all the process

Options for foreign buyers who don't want to come to Ukraine (escrow)


If you already own the property in the heart of the city, we can:

Give consultation to get the highest yields

Create an individual design project

Provide services of decoration, change of furniture and cosmetic renovation

Take care of permissions

Realize the project of your own of any complexity

Rent out

Do you have the apartment ready for the tenants to move in? Great! Our first-class rental brokers will be glad to find the perfect tenant in the database of mostly foreign clients seeking premium properties in the city center. Also, any tenant in Vestor.Estate, Best Kyiv Real Estate Agency will be able to get professional assistance in long-term rentals searches in Kyiv. Among our services are:

Promote your property on the market

Organize viewings for the best potential tenants

Assist with the deal closure


If you want to get rid of all the responsibilities related to the property you own, our property manager will be glad to take care of your apartment and your tenants’ needs, such as:

Utility payment

Rental payment and money transfer to you

Dealing with all the question arising while the apartment is occupied

Today Vestor is:


$ mln. on sales transactions


Renovations projects completed or underway


Properties under management (excluding those under renovation)


$ mln. on investments in refurbishment

Exclusive properties for rent

Find the exclusive apartment for long-term rent in Kyiv city center totally customized for the needs of foreigners, expats, diplomats, and embassies needs.

Apartments for sale

Apartments for rent

How we do it

sales logo

You decide to purchase the apartment for living or investment, Vestor.Estate Sales professionals will help you to realize it. We are the Best Kyiv Real Estate Agency for Buy/Sell/Rent apartments.

We stick to your needs and purpose of your purchase so provide you with the list to correspond with your expectation on location and budget. Our specialists thoroughly check the apartments’ background and documentation, make all the calculations of forecasted costs and profits.

Not going to come to Ukraine in the nearest future? Fine with us – we offer escrow services as a third party, and guarantee legal assistance of all kinds during all the process.


You can be sure that you will get the best services as we will take care of everything until the very last moment when the new owner gets the keys. You are in control and totally aware of the process; at the same time, we do not bother you until necessary.

Renovation & Design

In case you have already owned a property in the heart of the capital, our design team will turn it into a plum for Western tenants. Contact the best Kyiv real estate agency for Buy/Sell/Rent apartments.

Our specialists will highlight all the peculiarities and advantages of your apartment during the consultation to advise on what should be changed and done to maximize your rental income or make your new apartment feel like home. 

In case you have already created the project, the professional team of our workers will be able to realize the project of any complexity under our designers’ competent care. 

You can get any service starting from the decoration and cosmetic renovation to full renovation project with management, including all the fundamental repair works, dealing with permissions. Our successful cases prove that we do guarantee the results with the highest yields.

rent logo

For those interested in long-term rentals in Kyiv center, Vestor.Estate offers a full range of services for you. If you are the owner who would like to rent out the apartment, our brokers will gather all the necessary information and help you choose the best pictures to promote it effectively. We will arrange the viewings on a regular basis according to your preferences for potential tenants.

If you are a Kyiv dweller looking for a perfect place to stay, we will be glad to provide you with a list of options that will meet your demands and expectations and update the list according to your feedback. Contact Best Kyiv Real Estate Agency for buy/sell/rent apartment.

In both cases, for owners and tenants, our broker will provide full assistance in negotiations to get the best price and correct the agreement to guarantee your comfortable leasing and protect your rights. We stay in touch with the client during all the process and advise on questions concerning the property until the deal is closed.

management logo

It is common, especially for foreign owners, to have some difficulties with managing the property under renovation or rented out. Contact Best Kyiv Real Estate Agency for buy/sell/rent apartments

Our property manager will get you rid of all the time-consuming responsibilities with payments: collect rent, pay utilities and taxes on behalf of the owner. They are also responsible for organizing cleanings, installing additional home services and solving any issues that arise in the apartment. 

While keeping the property under control, we will also handle the communication part – all the questions and inquiries from the tenant will go directly to our manager. 

In addition, you will get regular reports on a monthly basis to track the process and ensure all the responsibilities are fulfilled.  Moreover, our manager is available anytime in case any emergency happens and requires an instant reaction.

Investment cases

Only some of our cases for properties in the historical center of Kyiv, showing why it is profitable to invest in the secondary real estate in Kyiv with actual terms, numbers, and results as well as a description of renovation and design solutions chosen.

Become investor

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