Adventures of pets in Kyiv

Our life is a continuous mosaic of feelings, people, events, dreams, and experiences. They all form a chaotic picture of our path. How important it is that there is always someone who’s willing to love and support you, just because you exist. Often, that is the role of our pets. No matter what you wear, no matter how much you earn, no matter where you are from, these loving pals are ready to give you their sincere love. If you own a cat or a dog, you must know this wonderful feeling.

Kyiv is a big and beautiful city, in which millions of people and their pets live. You can find here many parks, squares, and venues that are open not only to people, but also to their animals. If you want to create a favorable environment for your four-legged friends, then there are many opportunities for it. How can you find them? Where to look? What’s better? We carried out a covert operation to infiltrate the world of pets and successfully completed it! Our secret agent, a charming Jack Russell named Gus, personally collected important finds and useful insight for his fellow furry residents and is already barking to share them with you in the latest issue of our blog from Vestor.Estate.

“Woof woof! I’m Gus! I have been living in the very heart of Kyiv on Reitarska for a long time and everyone here knows me well. I often hang out in Kashtan with my person Diana or admire the beauty of the city center’s old streets. But today, I am pursuing an important mission – to share with you everything that I have learned. I’m a chap, woof, that is, a business dog, so let’s not waste time. Let’s go for a walk around Kyiv! Woof!”

Walk the dog – walk yourself

When you have a pet, especially a dog, it becomes a habit for you to walk it every day. Although cats sometimes do not mind a stroll in the fresh air 🙂 Of course, when time is short, a walk is limited to the nearby area and doesn’t last long. In case you have the opportunity for a long walk, pay attention to some of our city’s wonderful parks.

Taras Shevchenko Park

A cozy island of greenery in the middle of the bustling city near the Lva Tolstoho metro. Small but cute.

Peizazhna Alley Park

The alley, filled with works of art along and a beautiful view of the city, leads you from Lvivska Square to Podil and Andriivskyi Descent. Crowded but cozy. And in the mornings,  owners and their dogs constantly gather near the museum so that the four-pawed friends can run out and play together.

Fomin Botanical Garden

The area of fauna and freshness is bigger than it seems at first glance. Clean air and plenty of space to spend time with your pet. The main entrance is near the University metro.

Mariinsky Park

A culturally well-groomed place for recreation, quite large, with orderly paths and no-less-spectacular views of the city. Even your dog will appreciate it.

Home comfort for our furry friends

The comfort of your pet begins with your home. There are many convenient accessories that are designed to meet the different needs of your cat or dog. Even so, your favorites may prefer a soft sofa or take your pillow. Despite this, progressive brands are developing in Ukraine that create practical and aesthetic products for our smaller siblings.

Harley & Cho

The young couple started their business thanks to their charming dog, Harley. They make various accessories for dogs: benches, doghouses, bowls, and many other interesting items. The brand owners follow strict rules: their products must be safe, beautiful, and made with love.


When a Lviv couple founded their brand Haustier, they had two Dobermans, two German boxers, a Zwergpinscher, a Siamese cat, and a parrot. They continue to develop and implement new ideas and produce quality goods for cats and dogs. If you like exclusive designer creations, you can also find one for your dear pet. Are you a fan of Pokemon or outer space? Then you should definitely take a look at the assortment available from Ukrainian brand Made For Pets. Your furry friend will not only find an unusual house, you can also complement your home interior.

Noble Pet 
In 2013, one of the brand’s future founders had a puppy. When it came to buying a bed, the owners could not find anything suitable – so they decided to create it themselves. The products are made of high-quality materials, waterproof densefabric that is resistant to burning. You can also buy dog clothes, toys, and travelaccessories on the site.

“Woof woof! Dear dog owners, I remind you that we love food as much as you do. And if it’s something sooooo tasty, generally Woof woof!”

Small joys

Surely, your four-legged friend asks for treats from time to time. You can sometimes pamper your pet with something tasty, for example, natural sweets.

Dolya’s Treats

The founder has a golden retriever, Dolya, who is always there. Her pet inspired the girl to change her occupation. When the dog was 1 year old, her owner made the first biscuits and cake. A couple of months later, at 3 am., the name and concept of Dolya’s Treats was born. Meringue, healthy balls, cookies – delicious!

Help me


The modern rhythm of life tirelessly carries us forward and often changes our plans. I really don’t want our pets to suffer because of this. If you need help with your dog, Dogchill is a very useful service in Kyiv. The company offers walking and even dog-sitting services. On a convenient and understandable site, you can not only choose the service you need, but also the provider.

And if you don’t have a pet yet and want to find your own, contact the Sirius Animal Shelter. You can a friend for the soul here – large or small, lazy or energetic, they are all good companions. You can also support the shelter financially, because good animal maintenance is expensive. Doing a good deed is easy – get a pet from Sirius, because true friendship is not for sale.

Veterinary clinics

Our pets’ health requires attention and maintenance. You can find many specialized clinics in Kyiv. Your four-legged companion will receive qualified assistance, which is very important.


The clinic is located in the center on Dmytrivska Street. Zoolux is based on the principles of evidence-based veterinary medicine, which ensures that the most
effective and appropriate therapy is prescribed.


The clinic has several branches, one of which is located near Pecherska metro station. Specialists will provide your pets with quality veterinary care for their health and longevity.

“Woof! Well, I’ve told you almost everything. Woof, I remembered! I will share my favorite places where I am warmly welcomed, helped out with a bowl of water, and sometimes even given delicious treats!”

Pet-friendly food establishments


A cozy cafe on Reitarska Street with a large selection of breakfasts, a varied menu, and a cocktail menu. It will be comfortable for both you and your pet.


Vietnamese gastronomic cuisine, presented in a democratic bistro format. Chang welcomes guests with four-legged friends.


A platform for good deeds, close to Lva Tolstoho metro. Hummus, coffee, wine, breakfasts, and miracles. Middle Eastern cuisine.


This is not just a place where you can drink a cup of fragrant coffee and enjoy a fresh croissant, it also has a special atmosphere – this is a cafe for lovers of Paris.

Ostannya barykada

Located on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, this artistic and gastronomic space is a meeting place for free people. Museum of three modern Ukrainian revolutions. 100% Ukrainian gastronomy and the first 100% Ukrainian bar.

Dogs & Tails

Hot Dogs and Cocktails

True Burger Bar

A new American burger restaurant on Bohdana Khmelnytskoho Street.

TCP Pizza

The most delicious square pizza and cozy home atmosphere set this cafe apart from others. Pets will be appreciated.

Kashtan Coffee

Want to enjoy delicious coffee or tea hidden away in a Reitarska Street yard? Easy! Take your pet and come to this nice place.

China Hi

A Chinese café that will delight you with a variety of dishes and a relaxing atmosphere.


A small cozy restaurant on Honchara Street with a large selection of bowls.

“I’m so tired, woof! It’s time to go home. I think you will find in my story something that your dear furry friend and you will like. By the way, I already like it! Woof! I hope I was helpful and now you and your cat or dog will have your own Kyiv pet guide. Woof woof! I’m hungry, I’ll run for a treat. See you next time on the streets of Kyiv!”

Kyiv provides opportunities not only for pets, but also for people 🙂 Vestor.Estate can help with real estate and investment issues. Interested in it? Fill out the form and we will contact you.

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