Rent vs purchase: Thinking out loud.

Let’s move for a moment to Ancient Greece, where sprawling olive trees lie in a broad shadow along the sidewalks, and the Aegean Sea coats the shore with its stormy waves and spreads a foam blanket of coolness.

Somewhere, among the towns and villages, Mount Olympus stands proudly and confidently. And if you look closely, you can see the figures of ancient gods. They live where the spire supports a clear blue sky and the sunsets pay homage to those unreachable celestials.

Who are these distant gods, whom we know only from thick books about myths? What is Olympus, and the desired mountain, available only to the chosen ones?

If we draw a parallel with seemingly pragmatic things in life, then for those who do not have their own home, the people who live in their home are real celestials. And their Olympus is a blue dream. Sounds a little funny, but not without tears. Unfortunately, in Ukraine, this is one of the most important topics of all time.

It raises many questions, one of which often hovers in the air, touching the foreheads of those inhabitants of Olympus and the surrounding areas.

Buy or rent? Which to choose?

It is not at all obvious why some people choose a brand and adhere to certain beliefs all their lives, while others, above all, recommend only their own.

We wouldn’t be us if we didn’t try to figure it out. Because as it turned out, Olympus is different. And often, Zeus can’t stand to live in a rented apartment, but Aphrodite will calmly send the meter readings to the apartment owner, and everyone will be satisfied.

Why does this fickle Aphrodite prefer to rent a house? And why does Zeus not even want to hear about it and have long conversations with friends about his own home? What drives them, and what gives?

Let’s look into this world, descending from Olympus. And let’s listen to what people in Ukraine think. After all, most often, these thoughts travel and find their supporters and fierce opponents. But we are ready for it. Sometimes, it is helpful to listen to the people around us. And maybe they will help us to put all the dots together.

In the meantime, we are turning into one big ear.

Own housing – confidence in the future

What an exact word: confidence. All our lives, we chase after that feeling of self-confidence – in our partner, in the choices we make. But it constantly slips out of our hands, leaving us in the company of doubt and hesitation. And your apartment is a quick way to gain confidence. After all, no matter how excellent a rental apartment is, in fact, you can lose it at any time. But if a dark cloud hangs over you and everything is fleeting, then despite it all, you have a place where you feel protected and well – your apartment.

“If you rent, you don’t need a big budget right away. You can change the location, if necessary or desired. Do you want to move to another country? Nothing is holding you back. If possible, you choose the best option by simply asking. And when you are a homeowner, you get comfort. You’re not worried about breaking something. You are safe – because the keys are only with you. Even if there is no stable income for some time, you have a place to live. You don’t worry and get more development opportunities. Having your own home is definitely a different level of self-confidence.”

Alexandra, florist and lawyer. Has her own apartment.

Renting is a feeling of freedom

I often meet people who rent a home, even when they can buy it. After all, it is a special feeling that you are not tied to anything. You can change the apartment or even go abroad for a few months, terminating the lease and not losing anything. The freedom not to be attached to a place definitely has its advantages.

Owning your housing is also freedom

It’s interesting: both feel it, but qualitatively, it is different. This freedom goes hand in hand with confidence, as mentioned above. You don’t have to save money every month to pay rent. You can change your home to your liking, which is often not possible in a rented apartment. The freedom to feel at home is the highest form of this feeling.

“Each person needs their own space, and it is individual. In your apartment, you make repairs and create the ideal conditions for yourself to your taste. Rented apartments are temporary housing, and you always remember this: you do not buy expensive items because you are sitting on suitcases. The actual quality of life is your own apartment with a ‘piano.’”

Dasha, architect and artist. Has her own home.

Comfort there, comfort here

A feeling of comfort can be attractive both in your own home and in a rented one. It is not uncommon for people to rent beautiful comfortable apartments. It’s an opportunity to feel good, even if you’ve had a negative experience before. In the case of your apartment or house, you are the creator of your comfort. And if there are enough resources, then you realize your desire to create it.


“I don’t yet have an opinion on this. I am a person who lives abroad and does not know exactly where I will be tomorrow. But if I had a lot of money, I would buy a house around the world.”

Tanya, artist. Rents housing.

Is the change of scenery the beginning of a new life?

Among the millions of people living in Ukraine and, in particular, in Kyiv, many people do not imagine their residence in one place. They want to change the situation, which brings them positive emotions and often contributes to something new in life. I also had a similar experience. It is addictive, like a love of sweets.

Own housing – raise status

If two people met in Kyiv and one of them rents an apartment and the other lives on their own, what happens? Even without wanting to, we often feel some discomfort from the fact that you do not have your own home. Surprisingly, this happens even when you consciously choose to rent and seem to be happy with everything.


“I think it all depends on the situation (work, family, location). If the work is remote and you can travel, then rent a home. But in my case, with a child in tow, when you realize how much money was spent on rent when it was possible to get a mortgage, but initially a ‘significant down payment’ is needed, then such thoughts come. And when you can’t manage it and only have enough for basic needs, then there are no more options.”

Katya, teacher, actress. Rents an apartment.

“There is no clear answer, although in the economic sense it is better to take out a mortgage and pay it while living there, after 5 years, you will have your own home. And if you rent, you will be left with ‘nothing’ but a mid-life crisis.”

Ivan, web developer. Rents housing.


Some people consider a mortgage as an option to buy a home. And it makes sense. But at the same time, it creates some limitations and hides pitfalls. If you are ready to wait, then you will be able to say this with confidence in a few years.


“I think that owning is better than renting (of course, if you have the funds). Your own nest, where you feel like a hostess. And a rented apartment is always temporary, someone else’s… as if you are visiting. For a short period, renting is the norm if you are looking for the home of your dreams.”

Natalia, craftswoman. Has her own house.

“It depends on the person, of course. So far, I don’t see the point in buying a home. Maybe, in the long run, it’s cheaper than renting. Although it is necessary to count. I want to spend time studying, socializing, developing, traveling, and living life itself. When the need to have a home arises, it’s not difficult to make an effort to do so.

For me, most of the new buildings available to people look disgusting, construction is chaotic. I would not like to live in a high-rise building, with windows overlooking the neighbors, the same, and the nearest tree is on the other bank of the Dnipro. I don’t want to feel such discomfort, even for a relatively low price.”

Natalia, photographer. Rents an apartment.

Of course, emotional reasons play a significant role. How a person feels and perceives the world, what their character is, and where their childhood took place. We choose what will be dear and close to us, or emotional and aesthetic. And the choice may fall between a rented apartment and your house. In general, everyone wants to feel good and calm. This is best done where you feel at home.

“Renting a home is a waste of money. It is better to save money and then buy your own. There are different situations, and sometimes renting a home is the only way out.”

Anna, actress. Has her own housing.

“Buy! You can always sell your own and get the money back; you can’t get anything back from a rented one. “

Andriy, sales specialist. Has his own apartment.

Well, where are we without radical decisions? Money to the wind or buy and point? You can choose the path on which you always have the opportunity to sell your property.

“I rent at the moment because I don’t want the stress of investing so much money and managing property. In the future, however, I would like to be an owner.”

David, English teacher, writer. Rents an apartment.

“Initially, renting is the best option because you get all the amenities here and now. You don’t waste time on repairs, and you can stick to work and rest. But when you get older, you start thinking about your own home, when you understand where your family will live.”

Roman, restaurateur. Has his own apartment.

One of the most common options is this: to start a family, it is better to have your own home. Or, having already started a family, you start doing everything to buy your home, where your family will live.

“The choice to rent or buy a home largely depends on your lifestyle. If you consider housing as an investment (good location, new building), then buying is a pretty good idea. Sooner or later, everyone takes root and wants to have their own cozy place. People get tired of transporting things that accumulate with each subsequent move. And your own housing, for certain people, is a status.

In particular, the choice to rent or buy a home is influenced by many factors. The level of income and the availability of housing for purchase are becoming some of the main decisive factors. And, of course, buying a home as an investment in construction is a somewhat risky business in Ukraine. Not everyone will dare to do that.”

Tatiana, IT specialist. Has her own apartments.

Many people have gained different experiences and can now objectively and soberly assess the pros and cons of both options. Interestingly, most of them are those who already own a residential property or plan to become an owner. And this healthy perception, which this part of the population has preserved, is a valuable resource that helps to make the right choice.

We all make choices in life. And such sincere, while at the same time similar and different, opinions of people once again helped us to understand. Undoubtedly, life circumstances and conditions take precedence and become an essential and driving factor in choosing to rent or buy your own apartment. All the following originate from it.

Not surprisingly, those distant mythical gods usually start with rented accommodations somewhere on the outskirts of Olympus or on its slope. And even they have a passionate desire to realize that they have their own home, fortress, nest, comfortable and safe place. And it belongs to them. No matter how many obstacles there are, no matter how difficult it is, both apartment owners and renters see only their own future.

And this is a natural human desire.  At Olympus, even if we are in a rented apartment, each of us feels, desires, dreams, takes steps forward. And who knows what high mountain you will be able to conquer.

Our team at Vestor.Estate helps to conquer all the peaks and find their own home for our customers. Our clients get a full range of services and, in particular, safety and peace of mind. We will offer you good options. After all, it cannot be otherwise in the heart of Kyiv. And having made your choice – your Olympus will turn from a dream into a cozy home.

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