Ukrainian craft brands. Made with love.

A semi-dark mysterious hall disciplined rows of seats, which responsibly stood next to each other and took a waiting position. Thin streams of light dust floating in no less mysterious air. The smell of crispy popcorn has arbitrarily settled among the endless rows and flatly refuses to change habitat.

You come in, alone or with someone, find the right place, and fall into the endless space of the soft chair. Popcorn insidiously scratches your nose, and the light haze is scattered by a long beam of light that flies to the screen, and hitting an unnoticed glass, spreads across its width, turning into a picture with clear outlines.

Even without wanting to, you are a little overwhelmed by the pleasant feeling of future viewing. When you seem to disappear from the real world and find yourself in another: without boundaries, unnecessary thoughts, and fears, free from everyday life. You watch everything that happens there and gradually immerse yourself in the rich life of the heroes. Maybe at this moment, you also feel like a superhero. Do you?

Oh, if sometimes you wanted to have a phenomenal superpower, which you would use for something good. And why not try? Well, at least imagine. As children, we went to it without hesitation and rushed forward with all our might. In adult life, it is harder to do. However, everything is possible that we can imagine.

If I had a superpower, it was… What superpower would you choose for yourself? Oh, I know. And my answer will sound, perhaps banal for someone, but not for me.

I would like to have the power to do everything I do with love. Why not fly, read minds, move anywhere?

Probably because I can still get it even without a flight of fancy. This requires a lot of searching and finding, making mistakes and moving on, believing in yourself and finding what you like, and fighting for it. And keep that value no matter what you do.

Doing with love is a great value that cannot be found or bought. And if you like what you do and what you create, it becomes a part of you and helps to increase love on earth.

In Ukraine, young craft brands have become a clear example of such a superpower. They were created by people who passionately believe in their idea and make products with their own hands and souls. Such brands care about quality and work for people. The love for their work is felt even in their products. If you have lived in another country before, then here you will probably understand what I’m talking about) You can even check it for yourself.

In recent years, more and more people, particularly in Kyiv choose craft brands. Naturalness, environmental friendliness, quality, brand values ​​are good reasons to change the preferences of customers. That is everything we need in life: food, clothing, household items, care products, toys for children, and others.

If you are an expat or traveling in Ukraine probably, you are looking for quality products. In that case, you should visit markets where thematic brands are presented. Many of them in Kyiv: “Vsi.Svoi”, “Kurazh Bazar”, various festivals. You will see, taste, measure, often meet the founders at such events and learn everything that interests you first hand. This personalized approach that you get when buying from craft manufacturers does not leave you indifferent.

And now we can say that on a par with large industries, brands, national giants, craft neighbors walk confidently doing their job well and in their way) In every region of the country, you can find such. After all, this positive mainstream of local producers developing our country has gathered many supporters who choose “handmade”.

Vestor.Estate also belongs to such. We are inspired by entrepreneurs who boldly create their own, do not chase after volumes, but do with love. We really wanted to open such people and their good productions for you. That’s why we created our selection of attractive, authentic brands that may interest you. Well, let’s get started?

Ukrainian traditions and their influence go far beyond the country. In our time, embroidered shirts have found their place in different parts of the world. It is one of our symbols. Embroidered shirts convey the beauty and have a deep meaning in their ornaments, colors. 



Women’s, men’s, and children’s embroidered shirts.

The history of ETNODIM dates back to 2009; it is a long way from Ukrainian traditional embroideries to modern ones. The brand concept is simple and inspiring: creating modern ethnic clothing in combination with folk traditions. Our things, created by people who care about others, will serve for many years. We believe that ethnic clothing needs to be developed. This is one of the important elements of Ukrainian identification. By creating embroidered shirts, each of us not only produces a product but also creates Ukrainian history. 

Pottery and ceramic ware have existed in Ukraine since ancient times. Born from a shapeless piece of clay, caring hands turn it into a beautiful, environmentally friendly dish, making breakfast even tastier. The workshop from the Ivano-Frankivsk region creates just such for you.


Leaf Ceramics

Handmade ceramic tableware.

Leaf Ceramics is a family handicraft workshop. In our cozy home studio, we try to create high-quality and beautiful modern tableware. We create, sculpt, love to experiment and enjoy what we do. We hope you will feel the warmth and love we put into our products.

The nature of Ukraine is highly multifaceted. And that’s why farming has developed and continues to do so. We can safely say that we have a very delicious cheese. The statement is supported by the next craft guest from the Carpathians.


Cheese factory Bilasovytsi

Cow and sheep craft cheeses.

Bilasovytsia Cheese Factory is a local cheese factory in Zakarpattia, which is always happy to welcome guests. We believe in everything authentic, and we never copy the recipes of famous cheeses. The cheese factory is located at an altitude of 600 meters. We take the milk of animals that graze at an altitude of 800-1000 meters for cheese making.

Our home is where we are. Therefore, everyone cares about their comfort and the atmosphere of their home. Authentic natural wool rugs will add warmth and become an integral part of your space.



Carpets from natural wool

Wool. Traditions. Happiness. We create Love and Happiness. Carpathian Rugs know all the forest stories. Snuggle with your ear or your fingertips, and you will feel at once the world of your home will change. So you will fall asleep hearing those stories as ancient as the mountains themselves.

Most of the inhabitants of the globe, to a greater or lesser extent, love sweets. Fortunately, nowadays, there are many alternatives to sugar and products with it. And Ukraine has its native “white gold”. Honey… Flower, buckwheat, weeds, linden, acacia, forest. The power of bees works hard for this product. Having tried once, I want more)


Medova Rodyna

Natural honey from the home apiary.

The Pokotylo family apiary was established in 1990 in the village of Progress, Rivne region (an ecologically clean forest area, far from the city). We pay great attention to the care of bees. Before winter, we feed them honey syrup, not sugar, and carry out timely prevention and treatment. Loyalty to traditions, ecological location, and care of bees allows us guaranteeing the high quality and soft taste of our honey. ”

How nice it is sometimes to sit in a comfortable chair, brew delicious herbal tea, and even with honey. Mmmmmmm… The fantastic aroma and pleasure are guaranteed.



Natural Carpathian tea from the plant of kipriy.

Tea of ​​a pure soul. The process of making delicious kipriy tea is divided into six main stages. When making tea, we carefully follow the technology at each stage so that you can enjoy a delicious tea! MOL’FAR ready-made tea is mixed according to the author’s recipes of our technologists and packed in kraft packaging made with ecological and ethical materials – a minimum amount of paint does not contain glue, polyethylene, or polypropylene. This way, MOL’FAR organic tea will reach your hands! 

The abandonment of plastic has become a global trend and the first necessity to stop the destructive processes in nature. Each of us consciously chooses to be or not to be. We offer you highly relevant products for home use and ecological purchases.



Reusable eco-bags.

In the beginning, the ReThink project conducted a campaign to limit the use of plastic bags “Package Not Needed”. When asked what to use then, they started looking for answers, and so reusable bags appeared. One rebag can replace 500 plastic bags. With them, it is easy to give up old habits.

Tomato is an international vegetable. But under the warm sun of the Ukrainian fields, our vegetables taste special. And there is a person who allows tasting these tomatoes at any time of the year.



Ukrainian unrealistically tasty sun-dried tomatoes.

Our path to our production started with home cooking. The love of gastronomic experiments and travel brought us together with sun-dried tomatoes. There were no Ukrainian-made sun-dried tomatoes on the shelves, only imported Italian or Greek ones. But our southern sun and fertile chernozems are no worse than the Mediterranean. And suggested that we can not make the worst, and perhaps even better product. Today, UKRAINIAN DRIED TOMATOES are a family business in which relatives and close people invest their souls and inspirations. We do not pursue industrial scale, produce limited batches, carefully control the quality of each jar. For us, making sun-dried tomatoes is a gastronomic art, and we are happy to share our work with you. ”

Our acquaintance with Ukrainian craft brands has just begun. Each of them cherishes this invisible idea of ​​”made with love”. And love has a positive effect on people and gives them wings. We hope that our heroes with their “superpowers” will find a warm response in your hearts just like ours. After all, Vestor.Estate is primarily a team of people who also work with love. And we take care to help you find a home in the very heart of Kyiv. We provide a full range of services in real estate and guarantee you peace of mind and high-quality work.

So you can enjoy delicious tea with natural honey. And sit in a beautifully embroidered shirt on a warm woolen carpet and looking at the old city center in your desired apartment.

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