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A Real Estate Agent – What You Need Them For

When it comes to the purchase of property in Ukraine, even investors with experience could hesitate about their decisions and doubt the information they receive. It is no wonder as the real estate market here only starts to develop, having many uncertain moments to be clarified.

That is the case when you need professional assistance, so in this article, we would like to share information on how you could profit from cooperation with a broker during the purchase process.

Property search

In Ukraine, it can be complicated and incredibly time-consuming to find suitable properties that meet your criteria, especially when you need to get in touch with sellers’ representatives and arrange viewings. An experienced broker will save your time sharing with you information about neighborhoods, market trends, and price levels. Even though there are some real estate websites, the information there is fragmented and often inaccurate – so it is better to let a locally-based broker narrow the search. Moreover, there is no Multiple Listing Service in Ukraine, that allows real estate agents to share property information with buyers’ representatives through a shared database.

Due diligence assistance

A highly-qualified broker will gather information on the seller and a sale property within the shortest time-frame. They will warn you about potential obstacles related to the process that you might not know or notice and help you find an expert home inspector, who can provide a full report on the asset you consider to buy.

Experience dealing with paperwork

As laws and regulations on real estate continue to emerge, it is necessary to have someone to deal with the documents during the due diligence and transaction phases. An experienced agent will take care of it as well as of structuring a sales-purchase agreement to guarantee your rights after a deal closes.

Broker is the person who cares about client’s inner peace and stability during the deal in the chaotic world of real estate

Anna Grabovetska
Lead Sales manager

Negotiating with Sellers

Hiring a real estate agent as the intermediary will help not to involve emotions in negotiations. Your broker represents your interests to a seller and strives to close the deal. Therefore, they relay your concerns to a seller calmly and prevent buyer-seller relations from becoming tense.

Help in Avoiding Deal-Killing Pitfalls

Mentality and cultural differences are ordinary phenomena for people from halfway across the world. However, these minor distinctions could lead to misinterpretations in negotiations between you and the seller, that can break the deal. Using the services of an accomplished real estate agent, who anticipates any misunderstandings, will help to avoid such pitfalls.

Access to a Professionals Well-coordinated Network

A broker who closes deals regularly, usually cooperates with lawyers, notaries, and inspectors, they previously stress-tested. Even if it comes to the renovation of the purchased property, a decent broker will be able to offer their company services (if the company has corresponding resources) or will recommend some qualified teams. Agents can also involve a specialist or suggest themselves rent out your property if you decide to let it. 

The abovementioned list makes it more reasonable to consider a real estate agent as your assistant and guide in matters of property. However, to get rid of complications, not to create them, you should choose a specialist precisely. The best way to make the proper decision is to consider the whole company you would like to cooperate with, taking into account your potential next steps in managing your property (i.e., renovation, letting, property management).

It would be best if you chose a person/team to satisfy all your needs at once.

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