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Where To Go Ice Skating, Snowboarding, And Skiing In Kyiv?

The best way to enjoy winter, if this is possible, is by participating in winter activities. Luckily, Kyiv has many places where you can do so, including ice skating rinks and slopes for skiing and snowboarding. The vast majority of rinks are located inside the shopping centers, but we have made a list of different outdoor temporary ice skating rinks where you can go skiing and snowboarding and even an indoor training center where you can learn to ski or snowboard all year long.


Saint Nicholas Residence near the Office of the President 


Where: Bankova str., 11 (https://goo.gl/maps/y3Gd8yphbUUqkQCH9)

Metro station: Khreschatyk

Price: free


On St. Nicholas Day, December 19, near the Office of the President will be opened a skating rink, which will work all winter. The queue for the skating rink will be electronic so as not to violate the quarantine restrictions. Now the skating rink is at the assembly stage. You can bring your skates or take the one for rent. 

ice skating rink near the president office

Skating rink at the Roshen factory


Where: Nauky avenue, 1 (https://goo.gl/maps/Z8RBhuExG65mr2pr7)

Metro station: Demievskaya

Price: 130 UAH on working days, 160 UAH on weekends. Pay with a Visa card and get a 10% discount. The entrance is free for children up to 4 years old but take proof of age with you.


On November 30, a Roshen Winter Village opened the doors on Demeevskaya Square, where the 2000 square meter open-air skating rink was located. There is a 15-meters Christmas tree in the center and an electronic queue for visitors to help avoid large crowds. There is also a pavilion and a vanity where you can buy hot drinks or some food to rest after skating or while waiting for your turn to skate.

skating rink on roshen kiev

Skating rink on Kontraktova Square


Where: Kontraktova square, near Silpo and the Ferris wheel (https://goo.gl/maps/KLJbVbrsGZX6uTFy5)

Metro station: Kontraktova Ploscha

Price: about 100 UAH (to be confirmed)


Near Kontraktova Ploscha metro station, not far from the Silpo store, there will be an open-air skating rink with exciting decorations, light, music, and a New Year’s fair nearby – what could be more romantic in winter? There will also be a slide and a Christmas tree next to the ice rink. The ice rink will be opened from 14th December and will be working till the end of January.

skating rink on Kontraktova square kiev

Winter Country on VDNH


Where: Akademika Glushkova avenue, 1 (https://goo.gl/maps/mqnggeyaDLLiSpp28)

Metro station: Vystavkovyi Tsentr

Price: 140 UAH with cash, 126 UAH cashless


The largest entertainment zone this year is located at VDNH. This year, the guests of the Winter Country are waiting for a variety of winter outdoor entertainment. There will be a Christmas tree, a skating rink with an area of ​​almost 2000 square meters, stands for spectators, tubing slides, an open-air food court, and Santa’s Residence.

skating rink on VDNH

Protasiv Yar


Where: Protasiv Yar str., 23A (https://goo.gl/maps/WCTBbK1ii16YRwHSA)

Metro station: Olympiyska

Price: 20 UAH/1 lift and 80 UAH entrance on the slope on working days, 35 UAH/1 lift, and 100 UAH entrance on the hill on weekends. 30 UAH the deposit for the ski pass card. 

Website: https://gora.com.ua/


Opened in 1998, this little skiing resort is within the city limits and even visible from parts of Kyiv’s historical center. Protasiv Yar is a base for training for the national Ukrainian ski and snowboarding teams. There you can choose to ride whether during the day or at night. Also, there are four slopes on the ski complex territory with a total length of almost 1.3 km. Ski and snowboard equipment is available for rent for children and adults as well as the services of the skiing school, whose prices you can find on the official Protasiv Yar website. To spend your apres-ski time, you could go to the open-air food court where you can buy the freshly grilled meat and mulled wine or sit-in comfortable restaurant DoSki and choose something from the menu like the vegetables on the grill or a burger. Don’t forget about the night skiing that starts from 10:30 pm till 4 am and gives you the unique atmosphere of the sleeping town at night shrouded with the snow.

protasiv yar kyiv kiev

Gvozdoff Complex


Where: Yarova str., 30, village Gvozdov (https://g.page/gvozdoff?share)

Metro station: Teremki

Price: 20 UAH/1 lift on working days, 40 UAH/1 lift on weekends

Website: https://gvozdiv.com/


The resort has a hotel-restaurant Province, a playground, tennis courts, football fields, ski slopes, a sauna, and a lake. In the Gvozdoff complex, there are a lot of winter activities, including skiing slopes and snow-tubing. You can rent all the needed equipment so you can leave yours at home and spend a great weekend with nature. Gvozdoff resort is the youngest ski complex in Kyiv’s vicinity, opened in January 2016, and immediately received the title of a worthy competitor to Protasovy Yar. The complex includes three tracks: one 50 meters for children and beginner skiers, two others (200 m and 220 meters) are intended for experienced skiers. There is also an area for snowboarders, a separate area for sledding, a children’s slide, an ice rink, and a stunt springboard.

gvozdoff resort kiev

Proleski Ski Club


Where: ArtMall Shopping Center on Zabolotny str., 37 (https://goo.gl/maps/kH39eDBY5Xgq1EUDA

Metro station: Teremki or Vydubichy

Price: 220 UAH on working days & 240 UAH on weekends with a coach, 100 UAH both working days and weekends for independent sessions

Website: http://kiev.proleski.ua/


Proleski is a complex of 4 unique ski simulators, one of which changes the longitudinal and transverse inclination angles (up-down and left-right) during skiing. You can learn to ski and snowboard or just practice your skills all year round. The independent session lasts 10 minutes, and the lesson with a trainer lasts 25 minutes, during which you could ride equivalent to 6 km of downhill skiing on open mountain slopes and 36 km for one hour.

ski simulator proliski kiev

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