how to protect health and finances

Epidemic fight: how to protect health and finances

It is no secret that the last few months were quite unstable and full of unpleasant events. The situation with coronavirus affected almost every sphere in the world trade, economy, and social life. Unfortunately, people are easy to panic, and many of them lose clear sight during the times of quick changes. We decided not to panic but provide you with some relevant information on the situation instead. 

To prevent the spread of epidemic on the territory of the country, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine on March 16 adopted the decision on several restrictive measures.

All Embassies on the territory of Ukraine temporarily suspended the issue of visas. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is closed for applicants up to further notice. 

Additionally, according to Presidential Decree from March 13, such measures are implemented: 

  • Starting March 17, 2020, during the next two weeks, the crossing borders of Ukraine are closed for regular passenger service (including airway, railways, and road public transport). It is possible to cross the border by private transport only (cars);
  • Starting March 16, 2020, for the next two weeks, entry to the territory of Ukraine is terminated for foreigners and stateless persons. Exceptions are: 1) persons who have permanent or temporary residence in the territory of Ukraine; 2) separate decisions of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine of accredited diplomatic agents, consular offices, representative offices of international organizations. 

These measures will affect the foreign guests of Ukraine – they will not be able to get here until April 3.

If you are already in Ukraine, it is better to follow the standard guidelines:

  • wash your hands frequently or treat with disinfectants;
  • cover your mouth and nose with a paper handkerchief while coughing and sneezing. Avoid close contact with anyone with fever and cough.
  • if you have a fever, cough, and shortness of breath, contact your doctor as soon as possible and tell him your previous travel history;
  • do not consume raw or undercooked animal products.

These simple recommendations will help you to minimize any risks during the quarantine period, even if you are not in Ukraine. All you need to do now is to take care of yourself, realize the responsibility for the society you interact with, and stay calm. 

Experienced investors, who analyze the current situation, will try to spend time with benefit for themselves. For those who are familiar with real estate, it will be interesting to find out how the current events affect the real estate market. 

In this article, Vestor.Estate experts elucidated the question about why it is the right time to invest in the real estate market in Ukraine now. 

First of all, you can’t but admit the fact that people still need a place for temporary residence.

Rental income proved an important factor—roughly half of the returns on real estate investments came from rental income, while the other half came from appreciation.

G.Brian Davis
Real estate market and financial expert

The employees of governmental, non-governmental organizations, and international companies are the target audience of the real estate rental market of the premium segment. They all continue to work and reside in Ukraine. Therefore, there is no basis to worry about demand collapse for rentals. 

Another argument is that investment in the secondary market itself is the guarantee of the purchase of a physical object, which value will not drop two-three times as it happens with bonds, cryptocurrency, and equities. Research, based on 145 years of investments, showed that when the stock markets collapse, the real estate market continues to grow and strengthen its position in terms of returns.

And last but not least, you shouldn’t compare the consequences of quarantine in the epicenter of the virus spread in China and its subsequent effect on international stock markets with the local real estate market.

Looking back on the previously mentioned investigation, it shows that no matter how the overall economic situation changes, the real estate market stays relatively stable and brings returns to investors even in the decadence periods. Moreover, the case with the virus is a short-term event in our country, especially with all preventive measures taken recently.

Of course, it would be wrong to neglect all the cautions. We all need to protect ourselves and our families from any harm. But if you are a responsible and forward-looking human being, who can try to take advantage of rough situations, you will think about your future liquidity cushion. If there is any, it will be a real estate market with its numerous opportunities to all investors all over the world. 

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