The Art of Food in Kyiv

When I hear the word “Kyiv,” my soul immediately becomes warm. My imagination paints a lot of amazing photos of memories that have been collected over the years. The city attracts with a variety of wonderful places, friendly people, and a unique atmosphere. If you have lived here since birth, or if you are an expat who moved here or a short-term guest, Kyiv will not let you go empty-handed) It will treat you to the best coffee, secret stories, great communication, and a high level of gastronomic culture.

That’s right, Kyiv is developing dynamically in this direction and is at the stage of gastronomic prosperity. You can see it seven days a week and almost 24 hours a day. The once accepted and now outdated stereotypes of the Soviet Union have long been forgotten. New cafes, coffee shops, bakeries, bars, and restaurants that offer something more constantly appear on the map of the capital’s establishments. Some of them transform the familiar into unexpected manifestations. An essential feature of the establishments is stability, quality of food, individuality, the ability to make the guest fall in love in its cuisine, and giving the desired experience of tastes and sensations or even surpassing them. The quality of service plays a crucial role, in which Kyiv will provide a head start to many restaurants in Europe and the United States.


And such positive trends please the residents of the city and all those who want to discover Kyiv. So, if all you know about the culinary art of Ukraine, in general, is lard and borscht, we will be happy to expand your imagination. Undoubtedly, national dishes are the strong roots of Ukrainians. Fortunately, Kyiv is multicultural and diverse, open to people and experiments. Confidently, it has combined the strength of various cuisines of the world.

There are many professional and passionate restaurateurs in Kyiv. Beginners and masters do not compete with each other but form a powerful synergy of love for their favorite business and high-end establishments. Such projects give people a full range of emotions and feelings and open to their guests the world’s tastes in a beautiful Ukrainian city.

It’s time to taste something delicious and delight your taste buds.


So, let’s take a look at this endless gallery of culinary art and mark the impressive spots to visit. We will pay special attention to the very heart of Kyiv, to which all roads lead. And we will talk about the leading annual award of the restaurant industry, “Salt,” which recently announced the 2021 winners.


Let’s visit the unique museum of restaurant art and go through the halls of different world cuisines, discovering new food artists and their spectacular food spaces.

Our culinary Louvre is officially open.



SALT is an event for industry professionals and restaurant guests tracking the Ukrainian restaurant sphere. It was founded in 2013. Award organizers have a mission to consolidate national restaurant industry representatives to develop and form high-quality guidelines that line others up.

The jury consists of top-level professionals in the Ukrainian restaurant industry. They visit the final list of restaurants during the six months before the final voting. As a result, there are scores for functional methodology by criteria: kitchen, atmosphere, specialization, and service. After the final vote count, the information is confidential and kept secret until the big announcement.

The grandiose award ceremony takes place at the end of the year. Of course, the award adds prestige and status to recognized food establishments and adds new incentives for growth. So, a “salted” institution in Ukraine is a good sign 🙂

Hall of the Ukrainian National Modernism


Ukraine’s rich culinary tradition has its origins somewhere far away, in ancient times. It may vary depending on the region, but many dishes are made from dough, meat, plants, and dairy products. The modern Ukraine territory remains pretty homogeneous in terms of the set of products used and their processing methods. The soup, or first, course, including borsch; dumplings, crepes (nalisniki), cutlets, sauces, pies, and more.


Our local food is a great way to understand Ukraine more and taste its history. Foreigners who visit Kyiv first of all taste borsch with cracklings, and dumplings. And they most often go to restaurants explicitly designed for guests of the capital, tourists. But there is a place that rarely appears on the tourist list. And this is only a plus. It deserves to be a real revelation for you. BARVY received expert recognition and the SALT Award for the best restaurant of Ukrainian cuisine in 2021. Congratulations, and hurry to taste what they have to offer!



Unusual habitual at its best


The modern Ukrainian cuisine at BARVY combines traditional dishes based on updated recipes, specialties from different parts of Ukraine, and signature game dishes. The large bar has a signature menu of drinks with Ukrainian characters.


You’ll get fascinating impressions with this restaurant. Great interior, spacious, stylish. To your taste, you can choose both vegetarian and other local must-haves. The food is beautiful and delicious. The atmosphere is pleasant and attentiveness to guests is an integral rule.


Try: Varenyky with Cherry, Red Borsch served with Boar Meat Patties, Traditional Hutsul Banosh with Feta Cheese, Slightly Salted Carpathian Trout Tartare with Pike Caviar


Address: 3 Mechnikova

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Hall of the Asian Renaissance


When it comes to Asia, its cuisine is exotic and flavorful. The clever use of cooking techniques and spices has transformed original peasant food dishes into specialties that are now known the world over. In this hall, you will meet representatives of Thai trends. Tom Yum or Curry, mango salad or grilled chicken? Choose your favorite, or alternate all the dishes of this Asian expat that are waiting for you in the very heart of Kyiv. Add exotic and spicy notes in the winter gray.

Thailand Hi


An island of taste adventures in the Thai jungle


Another SALT 2021 winner, for the best Asian restaurant, is located on a quiet street. The establishment’s founders, Misha and Dasha Katsurina, have already opened four Asian restaurants. They do it coolly and with great love, which can be felt in everything in their restaurants. In Thailand Hi, authentic furniture, interior details, lots of greenery, and a charismatic tiger at the entrance set the guest in the right mood. The restaurant team is friendly, open, and positive. The menu begins with hearty breakfasts, goes into soups, curries, pad Thai, and mangosteen rice. The exotic spices make every dish excellent. You can adjust the spiciness of most dishes with the waiter. A rich assortment of Thai cocktails will be the icing on the cake. So, it’s the food that you need and so that is good. 


Try: True Tom Yum, Yellow Curry with Seafood, Pad Thai with Vegetables, Coconut Ice Cream


Address: 2/48 Chekhov Lane

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Hall of Coffee Classicism


The culture of coffee in Ukraine is at a very high level. Even though we successfully and abundantly import cocoa beans, our country is known for its delicious coffee and a large selection of excellent establishments where you can drink it. Milk coffee drinks are more popular and in demand, but alternative preparation methods have loyal connoisseurs, especially Kyiv. If you cannot imagine your life without an everyday fragrant cup, then this is your paradise. Do you like exciting teas or matcha? Every decent coffee shop will find something to offer you.

Humans Coffee


Cappuccino, filter, sweet Zen for a freelancer


Nice stylish place with a very favorable atmosphere for work and leisure. Minimalist space of modernity in a royal house filled with history. Friendly positive baristas who make high-quality coffee. Delicious vegan desserts, fresh pastries, pies, tea, cocoa. A large number of regular guests. It’s nice to work on a laptop or chat with loved ones.


Try: filter coffee, vegan bars, perfect cappuccino, horchata, turkey pie, and caramelized onions.


Address: 42 Bulvarno-Kudryavska Street

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Hall of Pizza Impressionism

Whatever happens, and wherever we are, delicious pizza will save the world. Kyiv has long understood this indisputable fact and began to develop in this direction. And very successfully. We even have our own pizza Malevich, who creates square masterpieces in his oven on Honchar Street. Let’s touch on his art, so to speak, practically. Let’s taste these incredible squares and more.

T.C. Pizza


Feel delicious and warm at home


Square pizza with unique toppings and a variety of Italian dishes are presented in the restaurant. You can also peek into the secret bar on the 1st floor and drink a selection of the best cocktails. Creative, vintage, warm. Friendly atmosphere, tempting smells of your favorite food, and a feeling of pleasant freedom. You will meet many expats and neighbors among the guests in the area. Pepperoni, arancini with anchovy sauce, a huge burger, and delicious tiramisu. Italian winds and vintage motifs will make your evening fantastic.


Try: round pizza with five kinds of cheese, pistachios, spicy honey; square meat pizza with smoky meatballs; Frangelico tiramisu; natural wines


Address: 15/3 Olesya Honchara Street

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Hall of the European Avantgarde

Emerging new restaurant concepts are of great interest to the Kyiv community. Taste something special, see more, discover the unknown, and feel the aesthetics of a new time. Such food establishments often mean much more. And this is not only gastronomic culture but also modern art in its literal sense. See for yourself.



Awesome art gallery, wine bar, hedonism space


Huge open space with high ceilings and two worlds connected by an island bar. Exhibition of paintings, sculptures, and various creative works by artists can be purchased while walking with a glass of wine after exclusive meals. Aesthetics and thoughtfulness, impressive combinations of tastes, and visual pleasure. Lovers of beauty, do not miss this place.


Try: Sweet Potato Cheesecake with Onion Marmalade and Currants, Roasted Broccoli with Tuna Sauce and Spicy Cashews, Artist’s Muse Cocktail


Address: 23a Sichovykh Striltsiv Street

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Hall of the Georgian Romanticism


Do you want to feel the fiery emotions of colorful Georgia within Kyiv? Good idea! The cuisine of our almost-close neighbors is on the list of favorites of Kyiv residents. And this melody of the rhythms of the mountain people encourage eating even more. It is better to succumb to the desire and plunge headlong into this stream.



Modern Georgian – Ukrainian soul


Meet one of the winners of SALT 2021, nominated for the best restaurant of national cuisine. Chichiko is an ancient Georgian resident of Yaroslav Val. He is constantly surrounded by friends who come for lunch or dinner with family. The concept, interior, music, and Georgian delicacies accompany guests’ visits. An ocean of cheese in Adjaran khachapuri or spicy warming food knocks you off your feet with pleasure. To live life to the fullest is about Chichiko.


Try: Khinkali with Beef; Adjaran Khachapuri; Warm Salad with Chicken Liver, Fresh Spinach, and Duchess Pear


Address: 23a Yaroslaviv Val

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That was the last representative of Kyiv gastronomic art today. You know that the entire Louvre cannot be visited all at once. We will continue. We hope you have enough food for the mind for now (there will be more soon!) and start a close acquaintance with the various and valuable restaurants in the capital. Get a vivid and great experience.


We at Vestor.Estate care about Kyiv and want to open it for you from the other side. We hope you have seen the incredible range of food art and its high level during our “museum” walk. Taste, try, come to Kyiv for special emotions, hospitality, and tasty impressions of the whole world.


Sincerely yours,



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