Start Your House Hunt in Kyiv Right

Remember how easy and fun it was for us as children. Oh, dear childhood! When the ice cream runs down your chin and pinches your face with frozen fingers, and you’re in 7th heaven from happiness! When mom suddenly runs to work, and you can finally spend time with your best blue-eyed friend, the TV, and its cartoon kids.

When you make your home out of everything you see around you and think it’s the most comfortable place to live. And you dream of that whimsical treehouse you plan to move into, announcing to your parents at the age of 9 that it’s time to live separately. But there are no trees nearby, let alone houses. And your childhood dream becomes something distant and unattainable.

And then we grow up. And starting our adult journey, we leave our parents’ nest and embark on our life. Sooner or later, we want to have our own home, nice and comfortable. And now, a treehouse is no longer the limit of your desires and expectations.


If you are one of those people who are just starting to think about buying real estate, then it’s no coincidence that you are reading this text. We will share the main important points to know when starting this process. Our attention is focused on Ukraine and, of course, Kyiv.


After all, different countries have their own rules and nuances that must be followed calmly, legally, and “without incident” to buy a home. Buying an apartment in Kyiv on your own is like gambling in a casino: there seems to be a chance to win, but the chances of losing are hundreds of times higher. Huge risks are always near and ready to jump out and ambush you.

First of all, you need to be responsible and extremely attentive if you want to keep your finances and nerves and not lose them due to excessive confidence in your competency. Most buyers turn to professional agencies and companies that take on this time-consuming process.

If this is a weak argument for you, see for yourself the important steps involved in buying an apartment. Get ready to sweat, there is a huge number of tasks ahead. Which ones exactly?

Everything is important!

You need to check absolutely everything, from the title document (the main document for the apartment) to even getting acquainted with the neighbors who live in the same building.


Documents – never too many.

The market is constantly replenished with problem apartments with documents – from fake passports and court decisions to apartments acquired illegally.

An apartment means neighbors.

With neighbors, often the main surprises begin to appear after the transaction. And then it turns out that the neighbors above sometimes have floods or host late-night parties, and the ones below make repairs for years and drill on weekdays and weekends. How do you like this option?


Sale! Discounts!

A surprisingly tempting price? If you want to buy real estate in the very heart of Kyiv, and you are offered a lower price per square meter, something’s up. Usually, dishonest sellers do this to quickly get rid of “dirty” real estate – something is not right.

Quality vs. quantity.

If an apartment has changed owners many times, it’s worth asking why is it so often bought and sold? It’s important to learn all the nuances here, and there may be good reasons for it. It is better to pass up on housing that has changed hands more than once over the past few years.


Who is who?

There are many questions here. How many owners does the apartment have? Can everyone attend the purchase and sale transaction with a notary in person?

Adults only.

Are there minors among the owners? If so, were they individually listed? This must be carefully checked in our country, since, according to the law, it is impossible to sell residential real estate if it contains minors. To do this, you need to obtain a special permit. Otherwise, the court will declare the transaction invalid.


Easier to pull things apart than put them right.

BTI – Bureau of Technical Inventory. In our time, it has become extremely fashionable and easy to change the layout. Tear down the wall? Let’s do it! But it must be approved by the BTI. Compare the layout in the documents with the real one. Legalizing redevelopment is not a free procedure, and not entirely legal ones will cost tens of thousands of dollars. Why pay more?

Hello tenants!

If the owner is renting out an apartment and decides to sell it, the tenants cannot interfere with the sale, but they have the right, even after the apartment is purchased, to live in it until the end of the lease agreement unless otherwise stipulated in the lease. Get a copy of the lease document from the owner and find out all the details.


Deep in debt.

Debts for housing and communal services are a significant nuance. Ask the seller or realtor to provide a certificate from each service provider about the absence of arrears until the last month before the purchase, as well as the last payment receipt that has the access code to the utility bill database.

Tasks are piling up at a breakneck pace. And this is far from a complete list of upcoming situations, problems, and difficulties that will take a lot of your time, effort, and energy – and it still does not guarantee that everything will be safe. Alas … How do you like this unhealthy prospect? It makes you want to buy a treehouse, right?


Do not abandon your dreams and desires. After all, you always have a choice: go this unreliable path full of dangers alone, or turn to trusted professionals who will take all the difficulties, tasks, checks, and guarantees on themselves.

If you have safely chosen route number two, Vestor.Estate is ready to meet you at the very start and help you realize your wishes. Our real estate company will provide you with a full cycle of services and will do everything at the highest level. A reliable team of qualified specialists will make this process productive and comfortable for you. Real estate agents, experienced lawyers, designers, and anyone else who needs to accompany the buyer along the way will be there.

We work with real estate in the heart of Kyiv, in atmospheric historic districts that can become your favorite place and home. This is an especially great option to live and work if you have relocated from another country and want to settle in the capital.

We hope that our small guide was useful and showed you all the bumps in purchasing real estate. Want more answers to your questions? Complete the form below and we will contact you to provide all the information you are interested in.


Let your childhood treehouse memory become a good starting point to your own home in beautiful Kyiv.

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