increase the apartment price by renovation

Renovation Tips that Provide the Most Value

Planning to rent out an apartment or sell it can spark thoughts of making the price as high as possible. Renovation is one of the price-setting indicators, so our design team is sharing their experience of adding value to the property with renovations!

If you’re planning a renovation

When planning to rent out an apartment or house in Kyiv, it is very important to think not only about your desires and style preferences but also about the people who will rent the property or make the renovation. Moreover, it is important to have or find a team of proven foremen and builders to save your time, nerves, and money.

1. Gain the maximum

More than once we faced a situation where the walls and partitionings stole space because of their irrational location. The Vestor.Estate design team had a case where removing bulkheads and old plaster increased the apartment size by almost 10 sq.m., making the apartment price higher thanks to this important step. Furthermore, a common trend is to make a tension ceiling; whether matte or gloss, it reduces the original property height. A high ceiling makes the space bigger and airy. These details are not very important individually, but combined with others, they make a difference. 

2. Don’t forget about the unseen aspects

Before making your apartment look like a Pinterest photo, check the pipes, electricity, and other utilities. If you have an apartment in a historic building, you might need to strengthen the construction and make additional consolidations. This provides future insurance that further renovation and design won’t be affected by issues caused from inside the walls.


renovation process in old house
Floor dismantling process
ceiling reinforcing process
Ceiling reinforcing process
3. Think ahead

While developing a plan, consider that putting a personal bathroom in the bedroom and a walk-in closet rapidly changes the rental price. Also, remember that the apartment will be someone’s future home, so our advice is to use neutral colors as much as possible so that the home decor and the tenant’s other items can easily fit with the interior and color scheme. Here is a list of other interior details that will increase the price:

  • Insulating;
  • Installing original bath and kitchen equipment;
  • Using tiles from the lastest collections; 
  • Using designer furniture;
  • Lithic tabletops.
kitchen vestor estate
Exclusive property. 9, Franko
new kitchen with all appliance
Exclusive property. 19A, Volodymyrska str.
4. Bath or shower?

You won’t believe that this could be a stumbling block, but it is. When deciding between a shower and a bath, choose a shower. This will make a difference. First, as our statistics show, most tenants prefer showers instead of baths because of their convenience. Second, a shower is more stylish in an apartment’s design. We installed a shower in all 30 of the apartments that we have renovated. If it is a one-bedroom apartment and the bathroom is big enough, the designers try to put in both a shower and a bath for tenant convenience, and if it is a two-bedroom apartment (which always comes with two bathrooms), we put a shower in one and a bath in the other. 

vestor estate bathroom
Exclusive property. 9, Honchara str.
bathroom renovation ideas
Exclusive property. 9, Franko str.
If you already have the property to rent out
1. The simplest things are the most important

Clean the apartment. Yes, seemingly, what could be easier and more obvious? But there is a certain number of owners who forget about this. All the traces of previous tenants have to be removed. Repaint the walls, and if the bathroom tile is neutral or there is no opportunity to change it, at least replace the silicon and tile grout. These small things will make the apartment look fresher. 

2. Details matter

The little details are important, too. Check that all your kitchen equipment works well and that cupboard and wardrobe doors are secured and functioning properly. Change all the dead light bulbs, backlights, and other light-connected things around the home. Also, replace the old furniture set with a comfortable and new one. 

All this could seem obvious or ridiculous, but based on our experience, we can confirm that this basic care for the tenants will increase the apartment price. However, if you don’t have enough time or are hesitant about doing a renovation, connect with our design department and we will be happy to help you and answer all your questions!

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