Real Estate Social Media Marketing: 8 Proven Strategies for Success


Social media marketing is an excellent tool for real estate agents to reach a broad audience. 77% of agents agree with this notion and consider social media a crucial element in their real estate marketing plan. Facebook yields the best result on social media, followed by Instagram and Linkedin.

Sometimes, your listing’s picture quality is not at par. Photo enhancement corrects the brightness, contrast, and other aspects of such pictures and makes them look clear and bright. Naturally, more buyers will click on such photos to see the property’s details.

This post explores the strategies to stand out among the sea of real estate listing on social media. But you must know that image enhancement is a fundamental and non-negotiable requirement for these strategies to work to their full potential.


Top 8 Real Estate Social Media Marketing Strategies

Adapt the following social media marketing tactics to help you leverage social media for your listing.

1. Focus on Facebook & Instagram

Facebook marketing works best for real estate. By learning the favorites of Facebook algorithms like engagement rate and compelling photos, you will make a difference to your competitors. Creating a Facebook page from a personal account will help you analyze the audience and push your top publications.

Instagram is next in line as an effective platform for real estate marketing. It’s a visual medium; quality pictures enhance reactions and views of your publications.

2. Facebook Ads to Increase Visibility

Your organic reach limit at the beginning of your social media marketing campaign; Facebook ads are a worthy investment to kick-start. They give a reasonable engagement rate if you correctly focus your ads on your target audience.

Moreover, the ads featured on Facebook automatically appear on Instagram as well

3. Real Estate Facebook Groups

The key benefit of Facebook marketing is that this platform allows you to build and be a part of the real estate community. You can create or join a real estate group on Facebook to connect with maximum people.

Search for those groups precisely where people are looking for selling and buying their properties in your locality.

4. Happy Stories of Successful Home Buying

Searching for a home is physically and emotionally taxing. Let your existing client see how it feels to be on the other side of the process through happy homeowners’ stories on social media.

These testimonials spread your word. They work as a free real estate marketing tool to motivate potential home buyers to contact you.

5. Educational Real Estate Content

Sharing educational content on your subject positions you as a market leader and increases your goodwill. Create and share relevant content on social media, which is enlightening and helpful to buyers.

Don’t forget to add pictures to your content. Use photo enhancement to make your pictures appealing and attractive.

6. Live Videos for Instant Engagement

The best thing about going live on Facebook and Instagram is notification goes to your every contact. Whether they join the live video, they remember your presence through the message.

You can do a homebuyer’s interview, property walkthrough, Q & A session, etc., to provide value to your audience in your live video.

7. Relevant Hashtags & Location Tags

Find out the hashtags people use to buy and sell properties in your area. Use them to highlight your properties with photos. Find the locations where people are searching for houses on Instagram and Facebook.

Strength your Facebook marketing by using relevant hashtags and location tags.

8. Network of Real Estate Agents on LinkedIn

Being a B2B networking platform, LinkedIn may not feature in your social media marketing strategy, but it will increase your professional authority, so I highly recommend using it. You can connect with other real estate agents and successful real estate groups on Linkedin.

In this way, you can learn the latest market trends and what’s working out and what’s not working out for your counterparts.

Rahul Agarwal

— Co-founder & Chief Business Officer at Styldod, Mebelkart. He pushes the boundaries with his innovative entrepreneurial stints.

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