top-5 markets and bazaars in kiev

Kyiv’s Top 5 Markets And Bazaars

The season of fresh fruits and vegetables is coming! On top of that, sunny and warm weather will push a lot of people to walk around different areas throughout the city. In this article, we decided to share with you the best markets and bazaars in Kyiv! We didn’t include on this list the typical markets that you can find in the suburban bedroom communities or just with Google; we decided to talk about the most interesting ones.

1. Bazaar at Lesnaya 

5 Popudrenka Street 

The farmers market Bazaar on Lesnaya, located on the Left Bank near Lisova Metro Station, is one of the biggest food markets in Kyiv. It is a mixture of a traditional Ukrainian market with a European appearance. You can buy whatever food you want there, find exclusive items imported from Europe, and listen to live music played there every weekend.

bazar at lesnaya
bazaar at lesnaya
2. Stolichnyi Rynok

110A Koltseva Road

Stolichnyi Rynok is one of the largest markets in Ukraine, as it was originally planned for wholesale trade. It combines a classic market with great logistics. There are more than 500 companies that supply fresh and frozen foods, offering more than 25,000 different product types. 

stolichnyi bazaar kiev
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stolichniy inside kiev
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3. Zhytniy Rynok

16 Verhniy Val Street

This market is one of the oldest in Kyiv, dating back to the times of Kyivan Rus. Since the 15th century, it was the city’s main market, where a big fair was organized two times a year. It is still popular among locals and tourists and the prices there, despite the location and history, are not so high, so some restaurants even purchase products there. You can find a lot of flowers and floral decor there, like sunflowers or wildflowers. Moreover, near the building itself, you can find people who are selling home-grown fruits and vegetables.

zhitniy market kyiv
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zhytnyi bazaar kiev
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4. Besarabskiy Rynok

2 Besarabska Square

One more old bazaar is in the center of Kyiv. Besarabskiy Rynok was built in 1910. It is not just a spot for buying groceries, but also a tourist place that has long been chosen by foreigners and simply guests of the capital. This bazaar is considered one of the most expensive in Kyiv, but sellers are ready to bargain – a market is a market, after all. There are all kinds of products here: fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts, dried fruits, spices, milk, fresh fish and meat products, and various pickles.

bessarabskiy bazaar kyiv
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bessarabskiy bazaar inside
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5. Vladimirskyi Rynok

115 Antonovycha Street

Vladimirskyi Rynok is a mixed-type bazaar. You can find food, clothes, shoes, and flowers at this indoor market in the center of Kyiv. In terms of food, you can find fresh fruits and vegetables, fish, dairy and meat products, and baked goods and pastries all year round. Judging from reviews, you can buy groceries at reasonable prices, if you know the right places, as well as home-made food and home-grown fruits and vegetables. The market also organizes various agricultural fairs every year. 

Weekend agriculture farmers markets

Speaking of fairs, this list will help you find the nearest agriculture farmers markets with fresh farm products, homemade food, fruits, and vegetables on March 20-21. They are mostly held on the same streets from weekend to weekend but still, we decided to highlight what you otherwise have to search for on the official Kyiv City website.

Farmers markets will be held on Saturday, March 20 on the following streets:

On Sunday, March 21, you can go to these streets:

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