This apartment is like Cinderella and Vestor.Estate design team is a Fairy Godmother that made a princess from the pumpkin. This impressive reincarnation and investment attractiveness are presented below in numbers and pictures.


Awful conditions

Offered solution

Total renovation + interior design

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Building type:

Stalin Era

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61 sq. meters

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Renovation cost:


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Gross Rental Yield
Design process

The apartment was in awful condition and urgently needed a total renovation. We replaced the heating and water supply systems, windows, disconnected the gas and began the renovation.  The design team made the remodeling to divide the space more rationally. The main idea was to combine rooms by demolishing the walls so that this created a comfortable living room with a dining room and kitchen.

All the communications were transferred as previously, on the place of the bedroom was a bathroom unit, and where now is a bathroom unit was a kitchen. Due to such relocations, the apartment is comfortable and light. Doorways were reinforced with rebars and iron, so it is not only comfortable but safe.

The apartment has an original and modern design but easily adapts to the tenant’s elements of decor and needs.

Furniture plan
Franka 9 Plan
Design peculiarities:
  • Organic oak board for the floors;
  • Micro concrete with the author’s application technique in the bathroom;
  • Unique kitchen design by Vestor.Estate designers;
  • Full complement with Bosch equipment;
  • Upholstered furniture custom made by Ukrainian manufacturers with modern imported materials.

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